Looking for specialists for ant control in Vancouver, Surrey, or Langley? In terms of home infestations, ants are not the most difficult to get rid of. If your unwanted guests are only occupying a small area of your home, you can go online and search for cheap and easy do-it-yourself remedies, or use commercial pest control products. However, you have to be careful.

DIY measures and over-the-counter pest control products sometimes don’t yield the results they promised. It’s possible that they won’t be that effective on the types of ant marching in your home. You’ll only end up aggravating their nest and spreading the problem more. So, never underestimate ant invasions. If you think you have a severe problem on your hands, then don’t hesitate to contact the nearest ant control service providers.

When should you call ant control specialists in Vancouver, Surrey, or Langley?

Observe your ant problem. Be on the lookout for the following red flags to find out if the little guys are just passing through or are sticking around indefinitely.

  • There are a considerable number of ants in a particular area of your home.
  • There is frass (the brown powdery solid waste that ants leave in their wake) and debris (of chewed up wooden furniture and structure) littering your home.
  • There are rotted or chewed up areas on the exterior of your place that are not anywhere near gutters or other forms of rainwater basins.
  • There are ant trails and/or pathways in and out of your property premises.
  • There is an ant nest in or out of your home. Most of the time, it looks like a small mound of dirt or soil—it depends on the species. Some ant-types prefer to make their homes on floors, walls, and other dark, quiet, and out-of-the-way places.

Did you only find a couple of ants in your place despite having the nagging feeling that your house is hosting a colony? Surrey’s ant control professionals will tell you to use your ears. Listen. It could be that you’re not seeing much of them because they’ve burrowed themselves deep into the foundations and recesses of your home. If there’s a faint unusual rustling sound emanating from your walls and floors, then your suspicions may be correct.

Think you need professional help?

Make sure you accomplish the checklist below before calling ant control in Vancouver. It’ll help you answer any questions that the experts may ask over the phone. It’ll also help you make sure that everything is in order before pest control comes knocking on your door.

  • Determine the species of your ants. Contrary to popular belief, domestic ants aren’t confined to just “black” or “red.” Pay attention to what your unwanted colony looks like. It’s vital that you identify their species so that Langley’s ant control specialists will know what approach to take to expel them. If you can’t figure out what type they are, make sure you can describe them in detail.
  • Track their trails. How are they getting into your home? Where do they take whatever food or item they obtained from your house? Find out by following their march.
  • Minimize attractions. Ants are attracted to exposed food, crumbs, food debris, and dirt. Take measures to avoid tempting your unwanted house guests. Keep your house clean and free of first and food debris. Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly. Wipe down counters, tables, and other surfaces. Keep your kitchen clean, and make sure all your food items are sealed and stored properly.
  • Find the nest. This can be tricky if your ants have taken to your home’s hollow foundations. If you can’t pinpoint the exact location of their nest, at least try to identify the general area where it’s most likely in.

Done with everything on the list? Great! Now, don’t waste another second and contact the best ant control professionals as soon as possible!