Businesses around the globe are now seeing the potential of digital asset management solution in streamlining workflow processes. As marketing trends evolve to keep up with the fast-paced demands of the digital era, an increasing number of marketers are adapting the technology to enhance and formalize their management methods.

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5 Digital Asset Management Platforms

Excellent digital asset management supports workflow that enables content modification and organization. As such, it is imperative that every business accelerates their creativity and production cycles through DAM software that gives them a competitive edge.

These are the top five digital asset management platforms that can help you eliminate workflow redundancies and improve network collaboration:

  1. Bynder
    This cloud-based platform enables efficient content flow from approval to distribution. It allows fast and secure access to brand-consistent content in the right format.This platform has four different key focuses:
    • Centralized Storage
      Access all your files more conveniently in just one location.
    • Share and Distribute
      Ensure safe access to all your files and share with only trusted entities. Maximize its various features including time control, categorization, and watermarks.
    • Manage and Organize
      Adjust, edit, and organize files, even when you’re away from the office.
    • Custom Theming
      Customize the platform based on your business guidelines and preference
    1. Wrike
      As a leading work management solution platform, Wrike Publish helps you build your own brand campaigns, distribute your assets, and collaborate with stakeholders with the click of a button.
    2. Stockbox Photo Gallery
      SEO and Blockchain companies utilize Stockbox to promote and sell images online for content creation. Stockbox is a powerful platform for professional photographers, social media managers, graphic designers, and digital marketers that can be maximized to strengthen their brand visibility.

Its key features include:

    • Blog manager
    • Archived media
    • Watermarked video clips
    • Portfolio manager
    • Quote reques
  1. Mint Service Desk
    This is an IoT-enabled online platform that allows full control in organizing data and customizing business operations. Cryptocurrency websites highlight this platform as an effective and powerful system for service and data management.

Its key features include:

    • IoT Asset Management
    • Service Catalog
    • Knowledge Base
    • Communication channels
    • Incident Reporting
  1. Third Light
    This digital asset management solution allows easy and remote access to data. It comes with a digital media library known as Chorus, which comes with 1TB worth of storage.

Enhance Your Business Processes with Effective Digital Asset Management!

Streamline the management, organization, and distribution of your digital assets with fast and secure online platforms.  Contact your assets management partner and learn more about making your internal processes more efficient.