Everyone who wants to heighten up their current digital asset workflow must have a digital asset management solution. From start-ups to internationally-renowned brands, all enterprises, regardless of their size and stability, can benefit from implementing a DAM solution. But what is digital asset management?

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital asset management provides an effective solution for enterprises to secure, organize, search, retrieve, and share various digital content. It also offers a centralized digital library where employees and other key stakeholders can control and access different digital assets such as images, documents, video and audio presentations, and other essential files of the company.

The process of controlling and accessing digital assets are recorded by a digital marketing blockchain. Blockchains are transaction ledgers on which all the digital activities of a specific enterprise are documented. All ledgers are immutable, meaning existing records of the company’s digital activities cannot be altered or tampered.

The Role of DAM Solution to Enterprise Players

Since all businesses want to be on top of the digital marketing world, each of their enterprise players applies a digital asset management solution. It helps create remarkable and unique strategies and concepts about their mission and goals. Check out how these enterprise players utilize DAM:

  • For marketers, digital asset management helps accelerate brand development and growth, as well as increase brand consistency across all of their branded content. They can also create marketing materials with vigorous templates and easily distribute them to all marketing offices around the globe. Plus, they can repurpose marketing materials and modify them in a specific tone and language.
  • For web designers, applying a DAM solution and even a digital asset blockchain can help them optimize creative workflows. They can also search and locate images and files in seconds which saves more time and effort. By repurposing a specific digital, web designers can create or edit banners and other vital graphics instantly.
  • For sales personnel, the digital asset management can help them have the latest marketing materials that they need anytime, from any device. DAM can align sales with marketing to increase brand consistency and stability. By applying the DAM solutions, sales teams will have all the resources they need to give their 100%.
  • For IT departments, a cloud-based DAM can help them feel secure and protected. They won’t have worry about cumbersome installations and deployments. Digital asset management also inhibits the need to manage onsite FTP servers, file security, and even third-party file sending solutions.
  • For agencies, DAM and digital marketing blockchain provide professional experience that clients love. How is this possible? A branded web portal keeps creative files organized while matching a specific brand, making sure that it has a consistent look and feel when clients and users access it.
  • For distributors, digital asset blockchain can help them achieve success by always having the latest and most up-to-date brand materials. It can also help them increase brand consistency and reach the delivery process across the company’s network.

The best way to attain the company’s goals and aspirations is to have a DAM solution and organize all the enterprise players’ roles and responsibilities.