SEO Quality Back links

Given the multiple SEO services in the market today, link building continues to be one of the most indispensable services that your business will need. Although it has long been an important part of any SEO strategy, link building continues to change, and a trusted SEO service provider must know how to optimize links in a way that actually boosts a website’s rankings.

During the early days of Google, rising up the ranks of a search results page was easily done through keyword stuffing. This method, which involves using a particular keyword more than necessary, was the sure-fire way of getting a website at the top.

To address this, Google came up with the idea of using links between webpages as one of the ranking factors. This algorithm, also known as PageRank, counts the number and quality of the links to a particular page to determine the perceived importance of a website. To this day, the idea of link building remains relevant in choosing SEO packages to secure business’s online success.

A Look at the Different Links

Simply put, link building is the way of acquiring hyperlinks from webpages and adding it to your own. Search engines, such as Google, crawl these links which can help them gauge the authority of a particular website and ultimately determine its rankings. As any SEO service provider will tell you, link building is one of the key factors that will make or break your SEO efforts.

Search engines look at three different links on a website.

  • First is the inbound links, or ones that come from different websites or domains. These links make the biggest impact, as they add credibility and trust to your website. The challenge, however, is ensuring that they come from high quality and relevant websites.
  • Inbound links shouldn’t be confused with outbound links, or links in your website that link out to sites with a different domain name.
  • Internal links, on the other hand, are ones that link between the pages of your website. While these can help improve your website’s rankings, their main goal should always be to aid a user in navigating your site.
  • As with the use of keywords, the number of links your website has will not have a bearing on its rankings unless these are of high quality. This became the main point of link building once the Penguin update took into effect.


Why Is It Important?

For search engines, links help them discover new pages and determine how well a page must rank in their results. For your business, however, link building can provide you with more than just higher rankings.

Through link building, your business can establish relationships with relevant blogs and websites within your industry. This, in turn, can create genuine advocates and influencers for your business, thereby helping your brand establish its credibility and authority. Not to mention, your website can gain more traffic from your target audience, which may also lead to increased sales.

Link building is, and will continue to be, one of the most important parts of any SEO strategy. Work with companies, such as Sunray Pros, that offer comprehensive SEO packages to work on your link building efforts. Contact us to know more!