Knowing how to put subtitles on YouTube is not just about videos in a foreign language. Do you want more views? Find out how to do with this article!

Subtitles are an additional tool for improving the understanding of a video. Used mainly to make the dialogues understandable even to people speaking a different language. Since video communication has taken over, they have revealed their true potential, especially thanks to YouTube.


Subtitles: why are they so important?

The presence of a text that flows in support of images helps keep the user focused on what he is looking at, increasing understanding and interest. With subtitles, moreover, people can enjoy your videos even in silent mode even in public contexts, without fear of disturbing.

Finally, do not forget indexing! YouTube in fact extrapolates the words of your subtitles, to best position your videos in Google search results.

How to put subtitles on YouTube: the simple guide

Now that you understand the true potential of this effective tool, it is good that you know that you do not need any special technical knowledge or complicated procedure. If you already have a channel, just log in with your credentials: from here on, inserting subtitles on YouTube will really be a breeze. Here is the list of steps:

  1. Select ” Creator Studio ” from the drop-down menu that will appear by clicking on your profile photo at the top right;
  2. Once you have opened the control panel of your channel, in the left menu you will have to select ” Video Manager ” and then ” Video “;
  3. After identifying the video in which you want to add the scrolling text, simply click on the ” Edit ” button and select ” Subtitles “;
  4. Select the language for which you want to add subtitles and then click on ” Add new subtitles “;

At this point you will have the possibility to choose between three different loading modes. There is no better solution than the other, so you evaluate on the basis of how you prefer to operate: the result will be perfect anyway!

Create new subtitles. With this option you can type the text superimposed step by step, following the progress of the video.

Upload a file. If you have a file of the right format (formats .srt – sbv or .sub – .mpsub – .lrc – .cap), which contains the transcriptions and time codes, with a simple click will be all done without further loss of time.

Transcription and automatic synchronization. You can upload your file or copy the text of your subtitles, and YouTube will think of itself to synchronize.

For each of the three options, the website will guide you to every single step, providing you with support and information on how to proceed. And if you need further clarification, the YouTube guide will solve all doubts and problems. In short, it is impossible to make mistakes!

Understanding how to put subtitles on YouTube is something extremely simple, one more reason to include it in the list of essential activities to make quality video marketing. If you want your videos to be successful, it’s important that you take care of them, providing them with all the tools they need to become viral.