Girl Talking on Phone

Today’s smartphones are getting thinner, bursting with features, and more advanced than ever, but industry experts are looking at another direction for the latest trend – the folding phone. No longer an obsolete fad, folding phones are offering a fresh look at the possibilities a phone can do.

Folding Phones: Fresh Possibilities

The industry’s biggest names, such as Samsung, Nokia, LG, Lenovo, and Google already have registered patents and prototypes for modern foldable phones. Even Apple has hinted at a foldable iPhone. Here are some amazing reasons behind the push:

  • Ultra-portable Convenience

No one wants to take more devices than they have to. At present, if you have a smartphone but also want a tablet on hand, you’ll have to carry both with you. With a folding phone, you only need one device for both capabilities.

This makes foldable smartphones the commuter or traveller’s best friend. You can enjoy the wider screen of a table for entertainment on an airplane or the train, then simply put the folded phone in your pocket when you’re done.

  • Multi-Tasking on a New Level

Most smartphones allow users to split the screen and use two or more apps all at the same time. Realistically, however, doing this can be very difficult – after splitting the screen, you’re left with very little space to do your tasks, especially when you also need to use the keyboard.

Since folding phones also offer tablet capabilities, you can divide a single display into two. Just fire up the first app on one screen, then pull up the next one on the other.

  • One Camera for Every Job

Almost all smartphones today have two cameras – one at the back for normal photos, and a front camera for selfies. The unique design of folding phones can eliminate the need for two cameras while still allowing users to take photos from any angle with ease.

Thanks to the second display on a foldable smartphone, you only need to switch screens and the viewfinder will follow suit. This means you always get the finest quality videos and pictures without having to pay for the price of two cameras.

  • Unlock Dynamic Features

Furthermore, foldable phones offer a lot of potential features that’s not possible with traditional smartphones. For instance, you can use a foldable phone to watch a video with another person even when you’re facing each other.

Want to use your QWERTY keyboard without it taking up almost all the display? The foldable phone can make that happen. Gaming is another industry that stand to be revolutionized by folding phones. You can have one screen committed to the game, while the second screen is all about controls. This new form will give way to a wealth of games that can’t be achieved with conventional smartphones.

Imagination is the Limit with Folding Phones

Folding phones can completely transform how people interact with their gadgets. And today’s smartphone manufacturing giants seem to agree – from Samsung to iPhone, it’s only a matter of time before folding phones become the latest trend to hit the phone industry.