Had enough of frequenting your local horse rental sites to sate your horseback riding hobby? Want to get your own horse but you lack the essential amenities, specifically a stable? Thinking of building your own? If so, this article is for you!

Horseback Riding

There are a lot of details to consider when building a stable. There’s the matter of finding the best equipment, establishing what features it should have, and complying with the building codes among other things. This article can help you stay on top of everything. Here are some expert tips for your stable-building project.

  • Establish what you need and want.

    Like other construction projects, you need to be decisive. You can’t change your plans midway through their execution. To avoid this, you need to establish your stable requirements and preferences.

    Think long-term. Even if you only have one or two in mind, consider building an extra stall. Think about it. Not only will you be prepared for future growth but you’ll have additional storage space for the time being.

    Aside from the number of stalls, here are other things that you need to determine during your stable planning stage.

    • Stall Dimension – It has to be spacious and comfortable enough for your horse. 12’ x 12’ is recommended.
    • Stall Design – There are two kinds of stall design. There’s the clear span type which features trusses spanning the width of the building. And, there’s the interior column type which has interior columns supporting the rafters and the roof.
    • Aisle Way Size – It has to provide enough room for easy maneuverability (i.e., for guiding your horse(s) in and out of the stable).
    • Flooring Type – Reserve concrete and brick pavers for aisles. Use a flooring type with granular base material for your stalls.
    • Tack Room – It’s where you keep your horseback riding essentials. It’s recommended that you include the tack room in your stable design to easy access to your brushes, saddles, bridles, blankets, and other equipment.
    • Locations of Doors and Windows – Consider the latter not as an aesthetic upper but as a natural lighting essential.
    • Ventilation Options – Adequate airflow is crucial in stable design. Installing a ventilation system in your roof is recommended.

  • Consult horse care specialists.

    Aside from extensive research, it also pays to get expert advice. Ask those that you’ve met when you’re horseback riding hobby took you to various horse-riding hotspots. Here are some of the things that are best learned from horse care specialists.

    • Building Placement
    • Storage Specifications
    • Ventilation Conditions
    • Waste Management
    • Flooring, Bedding, and Lighting


  • Get expert assistance.

    Hire a credible construction company, one that not only has experience with a wide range of projects but also genuinely cares about its clients. Hire a company like ENM Construction. With them, you can rest assured that your stable’s construction is excellent hands. Daniel Greenhalgh, the company’s co-founder, personally oversees all their projects—from their low-rise accommodation developments to major commercial constructions and renovations.

Make your dream stable a reality. Follow these tips to ensure that everything—from the structure’s layout design to its construction—goes off without a hitch!