If size and design are the only things you’re considering when shopping for a fold-up wagon, then you may have problems later on. There’s a chance that you may end up with something that’s not suitable for the purposes you have in mind.

For example, you want to buy a collapsible wagon for your next week-long camping excursion. So, you bought one that falls within your budget and is big enough to accommodate all your trip essentials. It’s not until your neck-deep in the woods that the wagon breaks. Upon closer inspection of your cart, you discover that it’s one that’s designed for smooth and flat terrains. It’s definitely not the kind you take for a forest stroll—much less a seven-day tromp in the woods.

Don’t worry. It’s easy to avoid this problem. Just consider the following things when you shop for a fold-up wagon.


  • Purpose

Why are you shopping for a collapsible cart? Sure, you’re getting one for storage and transport purposes. But, what exactly are you planning to stow on it and where exactly is it going to roam around?

As illustrated in the example above, determining the wagon’s general function matters. It’ll also help you find the perfect one faster. For instance, if you’re getting one for your trips by the sea, you can simply search “folding beach wagon” online to narrow down your options. If you’re planning to browse shops, you can also ask clerks to direct you to their beach wagons.

  • Durability

Don’t waste money with a cart that will not serve you for long. Get one that’s known for its durability. It also pays to select one that can see you through the elements; be it rain, sleet, sun, or snow. Consider the nature and quality of its overall material. They’ll tell you a lot about its durability.

If you’re shopping in a store, ask the salesperson to demonstrate the wagon’s strength first before buying it. They should be more than happy to accommodate your request.

If you’re buying a wagon for general storage and transport purposes, durability should be your key criteria. Find a folding utility wagon that’s durable and suitable for most—if not all—terrain types.

  • Ease of Folding

Since the feature is fundamental to the cart’s structure, it shouldn’t be difficult to set up and collapse a fold-up wagon. Test this out before purchasing your cart. If the process is a struggle, reconsider your choice.

  • Size

Avoid buying a gigantic collapsible wagon. The cart should make it easier—not harder—for you to travel and move your belongings. Consider its size when it’s set up and folded. It should be able to hold your essentials when collapsed. It should take up minimal space when folded for easier transport and storage. Keep these in mind when you shop for a fold-up wagon.

There is no shortage of high-quality collapsible wagons out there. So, don’t settle for less than what your needs and preferences demand. Consider these things before you buy a fold-up wagon.