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It is no secret that Facebook has evolved far beyond its initial purpose as a social media network. Savvy business owners and marketers understand that Facebook has also become a powerful online marketing tool that connects businesses with their customers in a more meaningful way. As such, Facebook marketing has taken center stage in today’s digital world. This is why it is essential that businesses implement an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

4 Facebook Marketing Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Of course, simply having a business profile on Facebook isn’t enough to get you the traffic and brand recognition your business needs for success. Here are a few Facebook marketing tips to help you take your business to the next level.

Optimize Your About Us Section

The About section of your Facebook business profile is similar to the “About Us” page on your website. Whenever a Google search is conducted on your business, Google tends to comb through a business profile’s name and About section. Make sure you include a few of your target keywords in the content. Of course, don’t spam the About section with keywords since Facebook displays a good portion of the About section on your profile’s wall.

Reassess When You Should be Posting

The common practice is to upload posts right during lunch break and right after everyone gets off work (12 NN and 6 PM). However, this practice runs the risk of your posts getting buried by other posts in your target market’s news feed. Shift your Facebook marketing strategy so you don’t get lost in the crowd. Study which time of the day your customers are online for a more targeted approach. Alternatively, you may want to try posting at 8 AM so you can hit up customers who are about to start their day, and around 10 PM so you can target customers who are scrolling their news feeds one last time before going to sleep.

Take Advantage of Stunning Photos or Videos

In today’s highly visual world, one of the best Facebook marketing tips you should keep in mind is to include stunning visuals in all your posts. Facebook highly encourages this as they modified the news feed interface to better display videos. When posting announcements or promos, be sure to attach a relevant and eye-catching photo to the post. This encourages people to stop scrolling and take the time to read your post—especially those who are browsing Facebook on mobile devices.

Always Test Your Facebook Ads

No Facebook marketing strategy would be complete without a few concepts for effective Facebook ads. Creating Facebook ads can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget that a clear and effective Facebook ad will always be more beneficial than an ad that is very creative, but a little hard to understand. How can you tell if you have an effective or ineffective ad? Always make sure you conduct A/B tests before running an ad.

Apply these tips to your Facebook marketing strategy, and you will achieve your desired results in no time!